Thursday, 26 May 2011

Norton Ghost 11 Automatic Recover

Norton Ghost 11 Automatic Recover

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i got windows7 version.partition was 10.5GB used

when i used ghost to make image for the partition

it was splitted into 2 images ".GHS & .GHO"

i was asking what kind of image i have to choose

to back up my partition again ".GHS"? or ".GHO"?

ahmedzeal 1 year ago
sudirosalim 1 year ago
Nothing special ini my ghost automatic recover.. Only edit Autoexec.bat.. i use USB to boot ghost..
sudirosalim 2 years ago
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Sign In or Sign Up now to post a comment! Great video, I use other methods, but he has contracted a program that keeps coming out every year like his was 2008 well if you get it now will be 2011 and so on, he has a virus spammer/spoofer designed to scare people into shelling out their creditcard info,not real just annoying and beleive me it would take a legit program hours to scan and detect that many viruses.
djhumptylb 2 months ago
where can i get to download the links
maheshreddy539 5 months ago
@00MrPanda00 PORN xD

Luisdr13 9 months ago
@sudirosalim can you tell me how to make a bootable dvd or usb with a auto recovery ghost image on it -just like the one in your vid .. thx
mikemagdy 9 months ago
Acronis is far superior
00MrPanda00 10 months ago
WOW >_0 what the hell did you do to get that many viruses...
00MrPanda00 10 months ago
Are U Sure U Recover U Windows ??

Worst. Grammar. Ever.
nVidiaGeek4096 11 months ago
how u create ghost automatic recover plz tell me
suhasligade 11 months ago
a little more information would be nice!!!

i have ghost32.exe but how do i get it to AUTO recover when i insert a disk or usb drive..???
macgyver24 1 year ago
ShareRemoveFlag for spamBlock UserUnblock UserHow to make that boot menu???
Windows446 1 year ago
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